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free skating

It's the dead of winter in Montreal. Bars are closed. Where can one get their freaking disco on in Montreal right now? The answer: the skating rink in Parc La Fontaine where free disco skating nights are taking place on Friday nights throughout the month.

Funky light projections take place every evening on the ice at dusk as a collaboration between Le bassin des merveilles, Pépinière Espaces Collectifs, MAPP MTL and UQÀM interactive media students.

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Photo cred - Vieux-Port de Montreal

Skating, hot chocolate, and Dj sets will combine tonight into what will surely be the perfect party to kick off the holiday season. Whether its with your SO or a few pals, nothing beats such a winter-y trinity, to be enjoyed this evening at the Old Port Skating Rink.

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Photo cred - Vieux-Port de Montréal‎

Few things embody winter-fun more than ice skating with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Seriously, it may be incredibly cliche and on the front-cover of Loki only knows how many children's books about winter, but the combo of ice skating + hot chocolate is nevertheless fun and heartwarming. Normally you have to pay for that kind of winter-magic, but next week, the Old Port of Montreal is giving you a day of skating and warming elixirs for free.

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Photo cred - Parc Olympique

Winter isn't all bad. Yes, there are frigid winds, a lack of sunlight that instills a certain sense of despair, and the inability to keep your hair looking fresh due to tuques, but there are awesome aspects like Christmas, and ice skating. Donning some skates and cruising around a rink is a winter tradition that's fun for anyone, and you can do partake in the joy of skating for free this winter at the Olympic Stadium.

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