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french in quebec

When it comes to Quebec French, it's no secret that our accent differs greatly from the French spoken throughout France and other French-speaking countries, but did you know just how different they are?

A French language teacher on TikTok named Jana Frances, who goes by @francescommademoiselle, offers up loads of tips and tricks for learning the French language. In a recent video that has since garnered over 650,000 views, Jana points out how different the main France accent is from the typical Quebec accent.

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Times flies! Almost one year ago, I was embarking on the journey of a lifetime, boarding a plane and leaving my family, beloved childhood friends and tropical French island of Réunion behind to finally realize my dream of moving to Canada.

Many people, including friends from my hometown, as well as Quebecers, told me my decision to give up the paradisiac island lifestyle was misguided.

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This Essay article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

I'll always remember my first time driving to the "Paris of North America" (no, not Paris, Ontario).

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Moving to Montreal and noticing Montrealers' many quirks might ironically be the most Montreal experience there is. And a recent, locally viral Reddit post proves it.

The August 31 post by Winnipegger-turned-Montrealer Danny Parys entitled "8 things I wish I knew before I moved to Montreal" has garnered over 900 upvotes and 300 comments as of the time of writing.

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