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gasoline watch

Gasoline hit an average of $2.15 per litre on Friday with costs expected to rise further over the weekend. Motorists could see gas stations pump up their prices to $2.18 per litre within the next 24 hours rounding out a 10-cent jump compared to one week ago.

CAA-Quebec recommends that drivers fill up before prices rise further, citing a 4-cent difference between the current average per litre ($2.14) and the realistic average for the province ($2.18).

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With the soaring cost of gas lately, you might want to be strategic about when you head to the pump. According to one expert, if you want to save a few bucks, hold off until Sunday, November 28, when gasoline prices are expected to drop drastically.

How's that for a Black Friday deal?

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If you drive a car, the price of petrol may be making your head spin these days. In fact, according to CAA-Québec, Montreal gas prices are currently near some of the highest in recent history.

On October 16, CAA-Québec quoted the average pump price in Montreal at 150.9 cents per litre and the realistic pump price at 152 cents per litre.

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Have you been putting your car's gas mileage to the test, avoiding refuelling in the hopes that prices will come down? If Montreal gas prices have turned your head lately, it's for good reason.

According to CAA-Québec, Montreal gas prices have been hovering near the highest prices they've recorded in recent history.

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