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gatineau weather

Areas to the north and west of Montreal are under a storm watch as Quebec weather forecasts warn of possible severe thunderstorms Sunday.

According to Environment Canada, such storms could bring "nickel size" hail and 90 km/h winds gusts to Gatineau. Other parts of the Outaouais region, including Pontiac, and the Laurentians region, including Mont-Tremblant, are covered by the federal agency's storm watch.

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Environment Canada has put several areas of Quebec under a severe thunderstorm watch ahead of showers expected across much of the province beginning Sunday. It has also issued a rainfall warning for municipalities on the North Shore of the Saint Lawrence River near Montreal.

Those areas, including Saint-Jérome, Joliette and Mascouche, could get between 50 and 80 millimetres of rain between Monday and Tuesday, according to Envirocan.

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