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There aren't many activities that we enjoy more than drinkingshopping, and eating, and we love them even more when we can do them all at the same time.

This SaturdayJuly 26th, the Alexandrapatz Bar and the Quebec Food Truck Association will be hosting their second Night Market Block Party of the summer from 1 pm-11 pm, and if it's anything like the first oneyou won't want to miss it.

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Photo cred - Christina Stimpson

Three of Montreal's favourite hedonistic pleasures (shopping, eating, and drinking) are combining this Saturday into one awesome outdoor event. Saturday, June 21st, will be Montreal's inaugural Night Market, an afternoon to evening block party featuring food trucks, art, music, and plenty of drank.

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Everyone loves food truck, if you don't...try some of these and your mind will be changed forever. Here is the list of Montreal food trucks for 2014! After you read these tasty descriptions, stalk your fave street eats here.

Camion Queues de Castor

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Winter doesn't mean you can't enjoy the delicious eats of Montreal's food trucks. Yes, it's a tad bit more difficult, and no, you won't see any food trucks driving out on the snowy streets, but they can be found.

Some trucks have found homes indoors, others at special events. Two events in particular will feature a few food trucks in one place, First Saturdays and BARBEGAZI, both held at the Olympic stadium.

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Fridays just got a lot more delicious with the advent of 'First Fridays' at Olympic Park. I'm sure you've all checked out MTL Blog's photo coverage of the event, now here's a little sliver of insight into the array of different foods that can be tasted at next month.

Twenty-seven food trucks set up shop to dispense delicacies to the masses, and while I wish my stomach was big enough to fill it with a taste of every option, some tough choices had to be made. With the help of some pals, five food trucks made it to my taste-buds. Some were definitely better than others, so I hope this aids you in your next food truck endeavor, and in the upcoming Food Truck Festival.

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