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general tao poutine

I honestly don't even know where to begin... I guess I'll start by saying that Montreal sure knows what it's doing when it comes to food! Montreal offers crazy, gourmet, unusual, delicious, and darn right amazing food! You can go from waking up to a rainbow bagel to ending the night with salmon tartare.

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You and your BFF probably worked super hard this summer and let's be honest, I think it's time that you treat yourselves to some well earned delicious food. Well, Montreal is home to some of the most unique restaurants that offer some fantastic dishes.

I suggest treating yourselves to some of these crazy good restaurants in Montreal for some even crazier and delightful food. I promise you that it's worth the money! I mean there's no better way to spend your money than on yourself and food anyways!

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As yes, when it's that time of the month every girl know what's coming... food, food, and more food. When we girls PSM, we crave weird and delicious foods. And honestly, thank god we live in Montreal! They have a great selection of weird, wild, and darn right delightful food that you can't get anywhere else.

The list below composes of some of the best PMS food and where you can find them right here in Montreal. For some of you, you are probably PMSing right now! So, I hope that this list doesn't make your cravings worse because I'm craving them right now and I'm not even PMSing, sorry in advance.

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General Tao poutine, it seems like a simple enough idea. All you gotta do is take 2 delicious food items and combine them to create a powerhouse of deliciousness.

But there's one big problem with this dish which is why it is extremely rare:

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Photo cred - L'Gros Luxe

I have often said that the only type of cuisine that cannot be bettered by the addition of cheese is North American-style Chinese food. Now, after seeing the creation of L'Gros Luxe's General Tao Poutine, I am not too proud to say that I was wrong.

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