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Oktoberfest may be a German festival at heart, but that hasn't stopped us here in Montreal from celebrating it like its our own. With an endless amount of festivals going on throughout the entirety of the beer-filled holiday, it really can be hard to decide just which ones to go to.

Well, with the festival kicking off last week, La Ronde is definitely where you'll want to be this Saturday and Sunday. On top of the year round rollercoasters and rides, this weekend they'll also be hosting an Oktoberfest festival on the 26 and 27 — it comes completely free with admission to the park.

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Montreal may be a ways away from the homeland of Oktoberfest, Germany, but that hasn't stopped us from taking the opportunity to partake in the rituals. Who wouldn't want an excuse to drink giant steins of beer and eat delicious German sausage and sauerkraut? I know I do.

Here are 6 Oktoberfest events happening in and around Montreal for you to get your drink on. 

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Beer drinkers can finally rejoice (not that they haven't been rejoicing so far) because Montreal is getting its very own authentic German themed beer hall this June. The new hall will be located at 5885 Papineau and is owned by the co-owners of Mile Public HouseNacho Libre and Brutus.

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Throughout the summer, Montreal's Dirty Dogs located on 25 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, will be adding tasty new hot dogs to their menu, inspired by their namesakes.

Starting today, Dirty Dogs rolls out the "Boys Noize Dog", a German beer sausage, topped with red apple & bacon sauerkraut, and drizzled with champagne honey garlic mustard.

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Let's be honest hipsters are all around us and all around the world.

MoveHub intelligently created a useful infographic to help you recognize and identify different nationalities of hipsters.

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