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get lucky

Music legends Daft Punk recently unveiled their new series of retro nostalgic 1970's themed ads to promote their entire new line of t-shirts, belt buckles and other things.

The old school mag ads really do look the business in our opinion.

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Hey there anyone who is 27 years or older, remember Mario Paint? Well if you do not it was a mid 90`s classic Nintendo game that was immensely hard to master. YouTouber 'jeonghoon95' sat down and took the time to put together this amazing retro remix of Daft Punk`s hit single 'Get Lucky'. We think this is just too great however.

Let us know did he "Get' it right?

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A student at Chapman University in California made a music video to Daft Punk's Get Lucky which is cool on its own, cause it involves tons of girls in underwear. One thing though, this is a regular event known as an "Undie Run". And yes, it's exactly as awesome as it sounds.

Montreal. Can we PLEASE get on this!? It troubles me deeply that this isn't already a thing, especially with frosh right around the corner!

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Come on guys, NO FAIR!!! No freaking fair!!! Daft Punk just dropped this uber teaser video for their upcoming "Get Lucky" Remix. It looks to be nothing less then incredibly tasty and satisfying like all Daft Punk related songs and things. We cannot wait till the full song is released. Until then enjoy this video Montreal.

The remix is available full-length only to Spotify users. We are officially sad we live in Canada. :(

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Most certainly this is the coolest video we have come across over the weekend. Next time Daft Punk`s "Get Lucky" comes on at a club, bar, event take note of this video and impress your friends and any on lookers. Now, If only we had enough "soul" to be able to dance like these guys lol.!