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going out

Now we all love going out but unfortunately can't always afford it, especially with the price of alcohol today, so what better way to enjoy and be able to afford an evening out then by bringing your own.

Lucky for us here in Montreal we have a wide range of restaurants that offer exactly that. So instead of splashing out crazy amounts on alcohol for an already very expensive meal, reduce your costs and buy a bottle or 2 from the SAQ.

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I have so many friends and acquaintances who just LOVE to complain about how horrible Montreal is. Whether it's cold winters, bad STM service, taxes, people... everything seems to bother them. I'm not going to lie, I was one of these people until I realized one simple truth.

Going out and seeing the same old people, doing the same old things got me frustrated. I also got annoyed with how cold Montreal winters are and how much I would love to be on a beach instead. I didn't like that I needed to wait long hours to get free (!!!) medical assistance. Local mentality would very often contradict what I believe in as well. I was constantly complaining to my friends and asking my family why they haven't immigrated to some other place with a beach and surfer boys. All in all, I wasn't happy with Montreal. Or so I thought.

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Everyone knows the struggle of getting all cozy in your sweats and sitting down for what you expect is going to be a night of you, Netflix, and a nice glass of wine, to all of a sudden be bombarded by 20 texts from your friends begging you to come out with them. Maybe they really want to meet a new guy, or maybe they just have a really fun night planned that they want you to be there for. Whatever it is, after a little back and forth, you reluctantly agree.

While at first you might be a little wary of whether or not you'll have even an ounce of fun, those nights that you didn't really want to go out can wind up being some of the best nights that you've ever had. Here's why.

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Going out to a bar for drinks with your friends is great. You can relax, de-stress, and forget about your problems. That is until your annoyingly disinterested bartender stands awkwardly next to your group of friends after having delivered you your drinks with their hand out. They want a tip.

Granted not all places do this. There are some bars where you can order your drinks when you want them, the barman brings them to you, and you pay and tip for all your drinks at the end of the night.

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