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Smoked meat is the quintessential Montreal delicacy — next to poutine and bagels , of course — and the city is thriving with restaurants that have mastered the dish. But when your taste buds are calling for the iconic meal, landing on the right spot can often become the hardest part.

Luckily, we're making things easy for you with a list of best-reviewed spots across Montreal, based on Google Maps data. Here are the top 10 spots to get your smoked meat on.

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Anne-grig-non. Kemin dé la Coat-Sainte-CaTH-er-in. Autoroot Trans-ca-NAY-di-ANNE. These baffling mispronunciations might sound familiar to any Montrealer in need of directions from a navigation system set to English.

The robots' woefully ignorant endeavours to understand and utter Montreal's French street names are the focus of a recent Reddit post.

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Photo cred - Alex Wellerstein

Ever wonder what would happen if a nuke were to fall into the wrong hands and blow up over, oh say, McGill University? Well not to worry, because thanks to Alex Wellerstein, a historian of science at the Stevens Institute of Technology, there’s an app for that. By using Google Maps as a backdrop for destruction, NUKEMAP lets you wipe out your own city, all from the comfort of your own home! So without further ado, BOOM!

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If there's anything more complicated than remembering all the goddamn names of characters on Game of Thrones , it's remembering where the hell everything is in Westeros.

The intro to Game of Thrones is useful, but I always get lost in the epic music and lego-style construction of everything and basically forget where everything is on the map. And when they're referencing cities during the show...forget about it.

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Google more often then not features aerial imagery from Burning Man in Google Earth. If you did not know just by using the historical imagery feature in the Black Rock, NV area you can find images from many of the past years as well.

This year’s festival pops off today August 26th 2013 and Google has gone above the call of duty and further created a very detailed map of every street at the event. The roads and streets are viewable in Google Earth , but those that want an easier perspective use Google Maps instead.