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Anyone who went or still goes to McGill University knows that it is truly one of a kind. There may be some struggles we all face as students, and all those negatives do sometimes trump over the positives. Plus, it’s pretty damn funny to laugh at all the McGill problems we experience on the daily. So, I have compiled this article to share with you all the #McGillproblems !

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When you're looking for a job it seems every post these days is pretty much the same.

You find entry-level positions that don't even list the salary they offer. And for some reason, even though they list the job as "entry level" they require you to have 5+ years experience.

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University is 'supposed' to provide you with the means to obtain substantial knowledge and tools to succeed in the future, right? It's also supposed to lead you into a successful career, right? Well, no. Unfortunately, the ability to easily find a job after completing three or four years of sleep deprivation, anxiety and stress is almost obsolete. University graduates face so many struggles after finishing university, and finding a job is just one of many. If that's not enough, applying to grad school is almost impossible but by the time you get your grades or any paper work from your University, you will practically be in retirement. Shit's getting serious, and most of us aren't ready. This is going to be a bumpy ride, hold on tight.

The gratification of obtaining your university degree is liberating, until you realize that you need to get your shit together. Upon graduation, you might either decide to take a couple of months off to relax, keep you part-time job, vacation or simply do what we all love best, Netflix and chill. However, some of us are eager to get the ball rolling, and are anxiously looking for a full-time job. Finding a job in Montreal is apparently one of the hardest things ever. It seems like there are thousands of job postings, yet none of them are interested in YOU. You struggle to find a job and feel as though you went to university and obtained a degree for nothing.

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As most students know, Frosh is a rite of passage that has marked most students' University experience. It is usually a week-long event dedicated to welcoming new students. It is where you can meet most of your fellow students, begin amazing friendships and fully understand the concept of regret. However, in real terms it means partying with fellow students on the daily and sharing the best experience of all Frosh, the Beach Day concert.

Since Beach Day takes place only during your first year experience , all of us, older and wiser students really wish we could go back, and now our dreams have come true thanks to the Student Society of McGill University with the Grad Frosh 2015.

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