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green day

Quebec City's eleven-day summer music festival, the Festival d'été de Québec (FEQ) just dropped its 2023 lineup and it's frankly an odd mix of artists and genres.

Weezer and Billy Talent will open the festival as the July 6 headliners. Imagine Dragons will follow on July 7. Next up are Foo Fighters, Zach Bryan, and Les Trois Accords on July 8, 9 and 10, respectively. Then, it's Lil Durk headlining on July 11, followed by Illenium on July 12. Les Cowboys Fringants, Pitbull, and Lana Del Rey are the respective July 13, 14 and 15 headliners. And Green Day will close the festival on July 16.

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Calling all '90s babies! A 90s-themed dance party is happening at Cabaret Berlin next weekend on September 3 — allowing you to party like it's 1999, Prince style.

Hosted by SUPER TASTE, the five-hour-long event will be a mix of the most iconic tunes from this unforgettable era. The DJ will be dropping hits from all sorts of musical genres, including pop, Eurodance, R&B, hip-hop, grunge and pop punk — this way, there's a little bit of everything for everyone.

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Last night there was a Green Day concert in Montreal at the Bell Center and although everyone in attendance had a good time, one kid in particular had a night he'll never forget.

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Montreal sure is stepping up their concert game in 2017! 2017 is literally booked just about every month with at least one fabulous performance. Not only are all these artists extremely talented, but they each specialize in their own genre so there is most likely something on this list for everyone!

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Before the massive international success of American Idiot, but after the still-pretty-popular album Dookie Green Day came to Montreal and someone got it on tape. I like to refer to this period as "prime Green Day," when the band had some actual edge and they had yet to completely sell out. Personal opinion, but either way, its pretty sweet to have video footage of their 1994 Montreal performance.

Playing at Foufounes Électriques on March 23rd 1994, Green Day performed to a crowd of Montreal fans. Using an old school camcorder (cellphone recorders weren't really a thing yet) one fan got some footage of the band playing the single "One Of My Lies."

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An artist by the name of Adly Syairi Ramly has gone and made most of our childhood bands into LEGO.

The idea is absolute genius, and the end result is so spot on we cannot but stare at these in awe.

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