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grocery delivery montreal

Are you tired of grocery delivery under-delivering? Well, here's a game-changing solution for you that will help make your life a whole lot easier. Say hello to Voilà, your grocery home delivery hero!

You can conveniently order from your home, desk, commute or even while you’re at your next summer get together! You can enjoy your day while Voilà takes care of the groceries. In just a few simple clicks, you can check off your grocery list and have fresh groceries delivered right to your doorstep. Time-saving? Check. Groceries are precisely picked by their advanced automated Ocado system (Almost, like you’ve picked them yourself!) Accurate and fresh? Double check.

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You may not have tried their veggies, but you've definitely seen their tote bags. Lufa Farms, the brainchild of entrepreneur Mohamed Hage, delivers approximately 30,000 baskets of fresh produce per week and other locally-sourced groceries to families across the Island of Montreal.

The trailblazing company opened the world's largest commercial rooftop greenhouse in Montreal last year after breaking ground on the world's first such greenhouse in Ahuntsic in 2010. The name "Lufa" refers to a cucumber-like vegetable (yes, the same one you can dry and use in the shower) that Hage fondly remembers growing on the roofs in his native Lebanon — much like the rooftop gardens he and his team have brought to life in Montreal.

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Quebecers are among the healthiest residents in Canada if what they toss in their shopping carts is an indication. Grocery delivery service Instacart tallied purchases from 3,000 supermarkets across all provinces, including Costco, Walmart, Loblaws, and Metro, to find out which unusual items people buy the most.

They found Quebec residents order 370% more frozen raspberries than any other province. That's somewhat surprising given the strength of the province's agricultural sector. Residents are also spoiled for options when it comes to locally-grown fresh produce available at outdoor markets and fruiteries.

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Marché SecondLife is for those who don't mind the occasional misshapen tomato or oddly-cut pasta. The Montreal grocery service rescues and delivers imperfect items — "ugly vegetables," "products with a labelling error, an imperfect recipe, a funny shape or unpurchased excess" — with a mission to reduce food waste and promote sustainable consumption.

The Marché has just introduced its own food brand, Proudly Different, which it calls "the first-ever brand of fully repurposed food products in Canada."

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