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growing up

As we age our bodies don't work the same way they use to. Our metabolism slows down,  our taste buds appear and disappear, we start eating more salads, and our hormones slump. Yet, it doesn't have to be like that. You can look good and feel good at any age as long as you put in the work.

Health science provides a basic fundamental of what good dieting and exercise implicates. However, your body does not operate on the same instructions at every age. Seems logical right? Well it's been confirmed - the University of Oklahoma conducted a study on 24 men aged 18 to 22 and 25 men aged 25 to 50. They got them to follow the same weightlifting routine for 8 weeks. Guess what they found? The older group had a harder time recovering from exercise and the younger group had developed muscle memory less than halfway through programming. They also discovered that both groups were able to put on a significant amount of muscle mass.

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If you're a Montrealer, chances are you have a few Russian friends. While they might have been really cold and unfriendly at first, they're probably your best party buddies by now. Russians are awesome once you get to really know them.

Russians have a somewhat questionable reputation in Montreal. It's time to reveal what we're really about. You might know a thing or two about us, but you will never really understand the struggle of growing up Russian in Montreal.

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Photo cred - Michel G.

The West Island is BIG, and although the boroughs are often grouped together, each one is completely unique. If you grew up in Saint Anne’s, then you may not share the same experiences as someone growing up in Kirkland. But if you were raised in Pointe-Claire, well then you can probably relate to these 10 realities of growing up there.

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Photo cred- John Abbott Springfest

Growing up in the West Island isn't always easy, it's a whole other world out here that no one will ever understand unless they've lived that life. Being a Westie has certain things that we will always relate to. If you are a true West Islander, the following list will definitely make you reflect on the entire scope of your life.

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