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Photo cred - Betty Crocker Recipes

As I and many others have documented extensively, Montreal has a killer ethnic food scene. Whether you’re into Lebanese, Japanese, or something less classifiable, the city is brimming with food from cultures around the world.

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Photo cred - David Lebovitz

No dip in existence holds a candle to guacamole. Superior to salsa, better than baba ghanouj, greater than ranch, nothing solves a munchies craving quite like guacamole. No one has ever said the words "there's too much guacamole" for good reason, and now the best snack ever has gotten even better, through the magic of cannabis.

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A breakfast can never go wrong when there's Eggs Benedict involved. Utterly delicious (and arguably nutritious!) the classic breakfast/brunch dish will always hit the spot, and its so versatile, every eggs benny you eat can be a little different. The next time you want to switch-up your benny, add some avocado to create the Guacamole Bacon Eggs Benedict from Closet Cooking.

Every Eggs Benedict recipe starts off with poached eggs, an English muffin, and hollaindaise sauce. To change it up, this recipe opts out of E-muffs for a thinner multigrain bread, adds on some smokey bacon, and does away with the classic butter & egg-based hollaindaise sauce for something avocado inspired.

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Photo cred - Waisum Tam

Though Montreal is filled with delicious spreads, guacamole has always been one of our favourites. Though avocado always forms the basis of the dish, from there it's up to the chef to add the just the right ratio of extra ingredients for a damn fine guac. While not many have acheived guacamole perfection, a select few in the city can boast having reached it. Here's Montreal's Best Guacamole.

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