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This freakish, prolonged summer weather has been really pleasant so far, but it's about to end with a bang.

Sadly there is a price to pay for all the heat we've been enjoying, and it's all going to happen tonight.

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On Wednesday Montreal , the Laurentians and the Monteregie region were hit with a massive thunderstorm and even some hail.

And it looks like it's going to happen again today in Montreal which is horrible news for anyone attending Osheaga.

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Looking outside right now the sky looks pretty clear and sunny, so it was rather shocking to to find out about Environment Canada's latest alert.

At 9:57 am today (Friday, July 21), Environment Canada issued a special weather alert. There are severe thunderstorms on the way with a risk of Hail and maybe even Tornadoes!

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Here I thought winter was supposed to be over and this morning I wake up to this shit. This is Jeremy Hazan The Pissed Off Weatherman (Woah, that rhymes) back again with another rant about the wonderfully messed up Montreal weather.

This morning 2 warnings have been issued by Environment Canada.

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Starting today, taxi drivers are obligated to accept credit and debit cards . A long overdue change for the industry, but despite this change, I will never take a taxi again for as long as I can help it.

To explain why, allow me to discuss a few horror stories I've experienced over the years.

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