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I have a confession to make... As you all know, I adore writing breakfast articles, but there's a dark secret that lies behind this... And it is that I, Emily, am addicted to Montreal breakfast spots. But, I am not alone! I am 514% certain that there are other Montrealers out there who are also breakfast addicts.

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Montreal is filled with dozens of charming breakfast locations that I am sure most of you have already tried. However, if you still haven't tried one of the Breakfast spots below, then you surely are missing out on something truly amazing! So, if you want your Montreal breakfast dreams to come true, then you must try the restaurants down below if you have not already!

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Just when you thought you couldn`t possibly eat another box of mac and cheese, we bring you more cheesy recipes. From the healthiest to the tastiest recipes, we`ve got you covered. This list will change up your meals, because let`s face it ; Mac and cheese is pretty much the only thing on the menu during these exam weeks. Try these recipes and hang in there; there`s only a few more days or weeks (for the unlucky ones) left untill you can go back to your parent`s house and eat your favorite home made food.

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We love Joe Beef, we love Le Vin Papillon, we love Liverpool House and we love Dave McMillan, a Montreal pioneer of the most tasty of tactics.

City Tv met up with him this past summer and spent the day eating sammiches then going jet boating with Montreal Rafting on the Lachine Rapids.

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