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Those of you who live in St. Leo, do you even know how lucky you are? Seriously. Not only is St. Leonard centrally located, close to the Met, and just an awesome community in general - but there's also everything you could ever need right in your back yard. Case in point? Places to go on a date. I know, I know, when you think of romantic spots to take someone on a date, maybe St. Leo doesn't immediately spring to mine. But it should, my friends. It should. Curious as to why? Well, luckily I've got 10 places (and reasons) to feed your curiosity.

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Seems like the dawn of every new day brings with it a new food infused with the flavours of Fall, by which we mean Pumpkin Spice. Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte created the craze, inspiring similarity sweet creations like Pumpkin Spice Oreos, milkshake, peanut butter, and now, taking things to the side of all things savoury, the Pumpkin Spice Burger.

PornBurger, the culinary craftsman behind theKaleesi & Mac Daddy burgers, has remade the PSL into an all-beef burger that is jam packed full of seasonal flavours appropriately named the Pumpkin Spice Fatte. Gotta love a good 'ol pumpkin pun.

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May 9th (hey, that's today!) is national shrimp day, so to celebrate, we thought we'd indulge in some intense burger-decadence with a whole new spin on surf 'n turf.

Take a patty of ground pork shoulder seasoned with a variety of Mexican spices, throw on some cheese (obviously), add in a stack of pan-fried garlic shrimp, all topped with zesty paprika mayo and you have the perfect way to celebrate today's food holiday, while still getting your daily dose of burger.

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Everyone's favourite Game of Thrones character, the all-awesomely badass and incredibly sexy, Daenerys Targaryen, has been given the greatest of all fanboy tributes. Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains now has her own hamburger.

Called the "Kaleesi," a reference to Danny's royal title among the Dothraki people, the burger is a firey, flavour-packed, meatless burger that looks just as good as madam Stormborn herself. Many thanks to the nerdy geniuses at PornBurger for this mouthwatering womanwich.

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