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harry potter store montreal

Guess what, Potterheads? A new branch of the colourful chain Imaginaire opened its doors in Laval on October 22 and there's a whole area dedicated to the Harry Potter universe, including a replica of the beloved half-giant Hagrid surrounded by clothing accessories representing the four Hogwarts houses.

Visiting the new shop on the North Shore is a good alternative for witches and wizards who don't want to drive all the way to the Sorcière et Magie Inc., the Harry Potter store in Drummondville.

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Harry Potter fans rejoice! A brand new store with all things wizards, witches and warlocks is opening only 90 minutes from Montreal.

Sorcière et Magie will officially open its doors on September 10, in Drummondville, Quebec, and invites you to discover its enchanted products. "Awaken your inner magic in a unique universe totally dedicated to the world of witchcraft. Designed to satisfy all age groups, you will live a fantastic experience in a magical shop environment," the store's website states.

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