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heat record

Mother-Nature is obviously ashamed of all the crappy weather we've had this summer because she's making up for it tenfold! 

This weekend, the heat was borderline overwhelming in Montreal and its going to stay that way for most of the week. 

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If you look outside right now, it looks like winter is over, but is it really? 

I spent all morning reading and listening to every weather report I could get my hands on, and so far, things definitely look promising. 

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It's being called The Montreal Heatwave, for the last few fays the entire city has seen temperatures above zero, sometimes up to 7°C, and it's not going away any time soon. 

Actually it's going to get hotter, a lot hotter. 

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Yesterday started off like a pretty typical Fall day.

It was dark, it was cold and it was rainy.

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