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It is difficult to know what to say or avoid saying when someone tells you that they have been a victim of sexual violence. The counsellor team at the Sexual Violence Helpline is here to support victims as well as anyone who is helping them.

The Sexual Violence Helpline is the only helpline dedicated to helping people affected or concerned by sexual violence. The phone counsellors are available from anywhere at any time whenever you have access to a phone.

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Have you ever been asked for change from someone on street and wondered if there was something better you could do to help instead of of just giving them a dollar?

Well 2 Montrealers didn't just sit around wondering about that, they went out and took action.

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Photo cred - Sotheby's

Last week we posted about a Montreal bathroom with a million dollar view and we asked for your help. We didn't know if it was real or Photoshopped, what part of Montreal it was overlooking or where it was located. Luckily we have some of the world's most dedicated fans because in just a couple of days we got our answer.

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Photo cred - @mrostovsev

With the holidays drawing ever nearer, the concept of charity and giving back to the community will be on everyone's mind. We really shouldn't have to wait for Xmas to want to help out the needy in our city, but that's just the way it goes. Rather than just think about all the ways you can make the coming weeks a bit brighter for the less fortunate, get a little crazy this December and give back to the Montreal community.

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Canada's Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was in Montreal today and just so happened to be at Jarry Metro station when he took part in helping a man in a wheel chair descend the stairs because the escalators were out of service.

It's certainly not everyday that you see a big time politician demonstrating random act of kindness.

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