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henri bourassa

A Montreal studio apartment for rent has been making waves on social media — because it's actually a converted car garage.

A now-deleted Kijiji ad for the space put the rent at $505 per month.

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We reported on Friday about Montreal’s new Azur metro Cars going live and even though quite a few of you were skeptical that it would 100% go as planned after many, many delays, today, Sunday February 7th, 2016 they are finally here. Everything worked out perfectly and the STM had the new Azur metro cars out rolling bright and early on the Orange Line this morning. A historic day indeed for the STM, commuters, and the city itself so check out the pictures and videos below of the inaugural rides.

Vous êtes nombreux à l'intérieur d'#AZURstm, nous sommes heureux de partager ce moment avec vous!

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After having money spent on some questionable things like a million dollar fake ferris wheel, Montreal-North is finally getting something worth while. Journal Metro has reported that starting this September, Montreal-North will be testing out a new farmers' market as part of the redevelopment of the Henri-Bourassa-Pie-IX intersection. It will be overseen by the same people who created Jardins Gamelin and the Village au Pied-du-Courant, so it's pretty much guaranteed to be awesome.

Thirteen farmers and gardeners will come together on the 19 and 26 of September and the 3 of Octoberfor the pilot project. The idea is to test whether or not the site can be a good gathering place for the community, and if there's a positive response it could become part of a long-term restructuring of the community. They're also hoping that these markets will help with the supply problem of fresh fruit and vegetables in this area of Montreal. The nearest grocery store is over a kilometre away, which isn't always the easiest spot for residents to get to.

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Okay, we've heard of the city of Montreal making some questionable and sometimes outlandish decisions, but I think this just might take the cake. The city has just paid $1.1 million for a public art installation at Pie-IX and Henri-Bourassa that essentially looks like a giant, fake ferris wheel.

The wheel, which is called The Velocity Spots, is 20 meters in height and is meant to be a tribute to public transit. Personally, I just don't see it. What I do see is the fact that they maybe should have spent that money on actual public transit, not a ferris wheel looking structure with no functional purpose.

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Dear Montreal, we heard you loud and clear. You enjoyed our super-accurate descriptions of you, based on your metro station, and you want more. Who are we to deny you that request? Without further ado, we present to you, even more about what your metro station says about you.

Click here for What Your Montreal Metro Station Say About You Vol.2 >

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