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Montreal sure does have a lot of bars. And at some bars, it's more acceptable to be insanely drunk than others. So, when you want to get completely smashed because this semester is just too much, I recommend heading to one of these bars down below!

Not only will you get crazy drunk, but you will make great memories with terrible hangovers! But hey, fun comes at a price but don't worry, money won't be a big deal at these awesome bars! It's time to party the night away and leave the club scene behind!

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Okay, who here is celebrating an anniversary with their significant other? You? Perfect.

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Sometimes, you stumble upon a bar that's so astronomically amazing, you've got to shout about it from the rooftops. You've found your bar soulmate. Your baer, if you will.

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Summer's here, friends, which means we're probably all spending our money on trips, outings, events, and other super fun, Montreal summer things.

And that also might mean that some of us don't have the biggest drink budget. Which is sort of unfortunate for those of us who enjoy cocktails, as these alcoholic beverages tend to be a little more on the expensive side. But don't worry if you, like me, are a cocktail fiend. There are a few incredibly affordable - and fun - spots in Montreal to enjoy your favourite drinks.

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