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hiking trails near montreal

A recent ranking on the best hiking trails in the world has one Canadian destination sitting proudly in the top 10.

Inghams, a vacation provider in the United Kingdom, compiled a list of the top hiking trails across the globe. The holiday planning service analyzed search volume data using Google's Keyword Planner for a total of 122 of the world's most popular hiking trails and walking locations.

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Thanks to the recent snowfall in Quebec , it looks like a winter wonderland out there. So, before another snow storm hits us, perhaps you might want to enjoy a little road trip and/or a hike out of Montreal to absorb the snowy nature views.

There's no reason why you can't enjoy a nice time outdoors right now, especially if you chose the right destination (and outfit ).

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Casual hikers rejoice, there is a new – and stunning – waterfront trail opening in Oka National Park. Located near an observation point, the path crosses through beautiful wetlands and prime turtle territory, so keep an eye out as you stroll along.

The picturesque trail passes through the area near la Grande Baie in the eastern part of Oka National Park. It’s one of four wheelchair-accessible trails in the park, and offers smooth, flat terrain for all four km.

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People around the world are obsessed with traveling, but the truth is that you don’t need to travel very far to have an adventure. At least not when you live in a place as vast as Quebec.

There’s so much to see and do in this province that it would be a shame to explore the rest of the world without first exploring our own back yard.

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