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hip hop karaoke

Photo cred - Karine LaRocque

For those who complain that Montreal does not get good rap shows, here's a journey through time as far back as 1995 when The Beastie Boys took over Verdun Auditorium to just last month when Outkast finally returned to the city at a sold out Osheaga, and a number of other legendary hip hop concerts that have left their mark here. Compiled by the folks at Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal and including stories and anecdotes from the people that were there to see it, here's a list of 10 shows that hip hop fans in Montreal will never forget. Be sure to check out Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal this Thursday September 18th at Le Belmont and go to for more info!

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Photo Cred - Vivian Gaumond for Piknic Électonik

"Yo! We'll tell you what you want, what you really really want!" Montreal, you want to party! There is a lot going on this week-end, summer is at its prime and we will not let you stay in to look at your TV. Only if it's to watch the FIFA World Cup Final. Even then, why watch it at home when you can watch it a bar? We got love for you party people so once more, we will tell you the hot spots in the city this week-end, you only have to show up! Here they are;

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Photo cred - Jean-Michael Seminaro photographe

No one will be bored in July because this month is jam-packed with events of all sorts. Films, parties, and many a festival are all going down in July, so many that this list could have easily been 100+, but we weeded out the weak-sauce stuff and are giving you a synthesized version of all the awesome stuff to check out during the month.

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It's time. Get your weekend plans together for November's last weekend.

Thursday Nov 21

Get your swing on at Clébard this evening, a classy affair with your friends to share. view event>

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After its month long hiatus, Hip Hop Karaoke is back by popular demand. On Thursday night, join us at Le Belmont to celebrate Hip Hop Karaoke's one year anniversary! If you've never been to an HHK event, you're missing out! The event, which first originated in New York, provides Montrealers with a chance to participate in a truly unique cultural experience.

Every month, HHK invites Montrealers to get on stage and pay respect to their favorite rap icons by performing their most popular tracks in a karaoke setting, except lyrics are prohibited!

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