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Photo cred - Andre Rivest

As the #4 best dating city in the world, Montreal is needless to say, a great place to date. With lots of beautiful people to choose from, bars that are open late, intimate venues of all kinds, and an all-round healthy appreciation for romance, this city has all the ingredients to make the dating scene dynamic and varied enough to suit everyone's tastes. But dating a Montrealer can be complicated if you don't understand the playing field.

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Photo cred - cuddleskovinsky

A new fashion trend is infecting the men of Montreal. An evolution from the depths of hispterdom, fused with woodland outerwear and the attention to detail of metrosexuality, comes the Lumbersexual, a look you've no seen on the streets of Montreal.

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Photo cred - Alex Godbout Simard

Montreal has many unique neighborhoods, each with their own special feel and one-of-a-kind vibes, and no other borough embodies that statement more then the Mile End.

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Let's be honest hipsters are all around us and all around the world.

MoveHub intelligently created a useful infographic to help you recognize and identify different nationalities of hipsters.

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Past and present collide to reveal the inherent style of ancient statues. Taking modern fashion trends and superimposing them on very old sculptures, creative retoucher Alexis Persani and photographer Leo Caillard have made timelines collide in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Rather than make the ancient works of art seem silly or ridilucous, the addition of hipster-esque fashion accentuates the timelessness of each piece. Art is never outdated, sometimes it just needs a fresh paint job, or in this case a wardrobe change.

Check out the image series titled 'Street Stone' or 'Hipster in Stone' below

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It's no doubt that Montreal is undergoing its strongest hipster wave this summer. The trend has spread quite widely this past year, and during these hot summer days, the hipsters refuse to stay indoors!

Hipsters do however; bring a certain flavor and mood to our beautiful city. While some argue that their union- like movement is simply a commercialized trend, others admire the creativity and soul that they bear.

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