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hof kelsten

Okay, confession time: croissants are my life. I like them more than bagels. I like them more than sushi. I like them more than cheese.

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There are some amazing cuisines in Montreal, we all know this. Around almost every corner in this city you're bound to run into an amazing dinner restaurant, a cute cafe terrasse, or a classic French bakery. That's just one of the great things about this city, it has so much to offer us!

The best thing is that if you walk into any of those French bakeries you're bound to have some of the best croissants you've ever had in your lifetime. But if you want to do your research, then I'm here to help. Below is a list of some of the most amazing croissants this city has to offer, and I'm sure you'll understand why!

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When you're rushing through your morning routine, sometimes making a filling, healthy breakfast can fall by the wayside. And it's totally understandable, because sometimes, you just don't have extra minutes to spare.

But everyone knows that if you miss breakfast, you're missing an important meal that sets the tone for your energy levels and food choices for the rest of the day. Personally, I find myself pretty irritable if I miss my morning meal.

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Friends, have you ever experienced pure magic? If you've ever had brunch, then you can confidently answer yes. Yes, you have. Because there is nothing on this earth more magical than the combination of two meals into one bigger, better, tastier super-meal. Thankfully for us, Montreal is full of magical places to eat the most magical meal of the day. And if you're in the Plateau? You've pretty much doubled the luck factor right there. Read on for Best Brunch Restaurants In Montreal's Plateau 2015.

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You may show your Habs pride by wearing a Jersey or rioting in the streets, but Hof Kelsten bakery takes it to the oven to show their love for the Canadiens. Recreating the French baguette, they have made the Montreal Canadiens baguette.

Hof Kelsten, on St. Lo just north of Mont-Royal (map) are bread bosses for making this ode to all things Habs and sharing it on their Instagram feed. Stuff it with smoked meat and a few poutines and you have the ultimate Montreal sandwich. Just don't get your Habs jersey dirty while eating it.

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I love bread and I don’t know many people who don’t. Whether or not you subscribe to a new fashionable restrictive diet, or legitimately suffer from gluten sensitivity, chances are you got down and dirty with a steamy hot loaf at one point in your life.  I once pounded down half a round of raisin challah from Hof Keslsten on the drive home without thinking twice about it. If you’re looking for challah to start Shabbat or a sweet loaf to spread your legs, here is a list of places that make fresh egg bread that you need to check out.

Click here for the Best Montreal Challah Bread >

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