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When I first spotted this Cafe, I was on my way to the Green Day concert and my heart literally STOPPED! I was already having a shitty day since I feel down the stairs at Guy metro when my sister and I were going to grab a bite before the concert, but then... I spotted my first love (sorry Dave) and all my worries semmed to had away.

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Midterms, essays, assignments, and many more projects are taking over Montreal student's lives. So, instead of going to cafes, since they will all be invaded, I suggest checking out these cute restaurants! It's perfect for a solo or a group study session!

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As yes, the time has come where herds of students join at cafes to study for the next big exam coming up. Well, instead of all invading the closest Starbucks, I suggest checking out these insanely cute cafes located all across Montreal! Not only are these cafes absolutely adorable, but they are perfect for that study grind.

So, get that coffee money ready because you will become addicted to these honestly amazing Montreal cafes! Maybe you'll actually enjoy studying... or maybe these cafes will just make it more bearable. Either way, you will be getting 100% on all those exams!

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Photo cred - Ohleejia

School would be a lot more bearable if there was no homework involved. Homework-less school is but a far fetched dream for most university students, but a certain elementary school in Quebec is giving its kids the magical gift of no homework.

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