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hoogan et beaufort

A few of the best restaurants in Montreal were shown a delicious amount of love in OpenTable's list of Canada's Top 100 Most Beloved Restaurants for 2022.

The list was curated after more than one million restaurant reviews were analyzed from spots across Canada available for reservation on OpenTable submitted by verified OpenTable diners. "The result is a selection of the best places in Canada not to be missed," the online reservation service wrote.

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Ah, summer. A time for sunshine, festivals, good vibes, and lots and lots of terrasses.

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When love is in the air of Montreal the real one way to win a girls heart is through her stomach! Honestly, it isn't too hard to do so since our city is FILLED with amazing restaurants. So, if the first date went well, seal the deal with a second date at one of the restaurants below!

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Once you think that you have found "the one", you will probably want to treat them to a charming dinner. You may be wonder which to choose since Montreal is FULL of fabulous restaurants. Well, not to worry because I have created a list of Montreal's best restaurants to really impress that special someone of yours.

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Seriously, I don't know about you guys, but one of my fave things to do on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is chill, and maybe grab a bite to eat. Kind of like a fun and tasty reward for a week well spent, TBH.

And if anyone out there's down to spend their Fête Nationale in a fun restaurant, noshing on tasty food, then I've got some great news for you. Restaurants may remain open if they so choose to, so there's a good chance your fave place is open - but make sure to call ahead just to be certain.

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Friends, raise your hand if deciding where to take your S/O out on a date gets a little overwhelming sometimes. It's okay if you didn't actually raise your hand. I know it's raised in your heart, because figuring out where to take that special someone? Yeah. It's complex - especially in Montreal, where we have tons of awesome places to choose from. And especially if either one of you identifies as a foodie; or at the very least, a food lover.

It might seem like either you or your (food) lover has seen and tasted it all, but trust me when I say that picking a place to impress the food lover in your life is not a lost cause. In Montreal, new spots are popping up all the time - spots that not only serve up some seriously delicious food, but also have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes them awesome date spots, as well. Not sure where to begin the search? Well, fear not, friends. I've got your back. 20 Montreal Restaurants To Bring A Food Lover On A Date.

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