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hot air balloon

Hot air balloons are honestly LIT AF and they make for some great pictures especially on a gorgeous summer day under a sunset. You may think that hot air balloons are only found in the US, but Quebec actually hosts a MASSIVE hot air balloon festival EVERY summer!

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Novelty dinners have been gaining popularity over the past little while. In Montreal alone we have a ton of cat cafes and restaurant O' Noir to prove it. But if you've already exhausted these kinds of dinners, then why not try something a little more extreme?

Dinner in the Sky is an experience you won't soon forget. To enjoy a gourmet meal, you'll be suspended 150 ft in the air on a flying gondola-style vehicle - overlooking a part of the beautiful province of Quebec. The event will be taking place August 7th to 10th in Saguenay, Quebec. If you're worried you can't handle the full 55 minutes of dinning while suspended in the air? No sweat, there is a 15 minute cocktail time you can partake in.

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