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i heart montreal

We're nearing the end of the LoogArt/Monhood art series, where Montreal's many neighborhoods are beautifully rendered as stylistic skylines. This week, 2 iconic boroughs have been animated by LoogArt: The Village and Little Italy. The iconic features of each borough are pictured in their respective skylines. Look above and below to see if LoogArt's skylines do the neighborhood justice. We think so.

If you're a fan of LoogArt's work, you can vote to see his re-created skylines across the city of Montreal in the L'Expo+ contest. Transit shelters are being converted into mini-art galleries, so be sure to vote for your favourite Montreal artists, so you have something cool to look at while waiting for the next bus. Vote for LoogArt here.

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The iconic landmarks of each borough are remade and fit into one artistic recreation that serves as a beautiful symbol for the area. See if you can spot you favourite part of the neighborhood, and feel free to let us know if there's anything missing!

LoogArt's image series is being done in association with Monhood, the world’s first community based crowd funding platform. Mugs and tote bags are being sold by Monhood now, with part of the proceeds going towards charities in Montreal. For more info, images, and ways to purchase these symbols of Montreal, click here.

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