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ice storm

Montreal is no stranger to world records.

Actually, the city holdsabout 14 of them, and it looks like we just broke a new one.

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Montreal is in chaos this morning.

The buses aren't working, the sidewalks are skating rinks, and the wind really isn't helping at all.

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Have you been outside yet? If you haven't, DON'T.

Some spots may be okay, but there a lot of treacherous streets out there. People are slipping and sliding everywhere, falling on their asses and waddling around like a bunch of penguins.

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the winter. But even I have had just about enough of this shit.

Is it just me, or has the weather been an asshole this year? Seriously, it's acting like we owe it money or something.

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Quebec's ice storm of 1998, I remember like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my first 9th grade French class back after the Christmas Holidays, when we were all told to go home because the freezing rain was getting out of control. What came after was in my memory, a really fun time because we had 2 weeks off class, where I played about 400 hours of Pokemon Blue. That said, our family had access to a generator for most of it, so we were pretty lucky. For many thousands of other people in the province of Quebec, however, that was not the case and it was an almost unreal ordeal. This video truly illustrates the devastating impact the experience was many Montrealers.

You may be happy, or you may be sad, and either way there's no denying the fact that Montreal saw its very first snowfall of the season today, and it definitely won't be the last.

Partially to freak you out, and partially to get you prepped for winter, we've compiled some of the worst winter snow storm to ever bury Montreal in snow and ice. Maybe this first snow fall is only a precursor to winter-terror to come, or maybe it's just a gentle reminder that winter is here. Hopefully you were smart and got a head of the torment this year by doing these things, but either way, it is no where near as bad as any of the storms found below.

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Over the last few days following Sunday's intense ice storm, you've no doubt heard people say, or said yourself, something along the lines of "the city's streets are a skating rink!" Actually, you've probably heard a similiar comment so many times you're sick of the comparison, but it was true, as proven in the video below.

One family in DDO found the entire street surrounding their house covered in a thick layer of ice, and decided to put the ice rink comparison to the test. Donning some skates, the Stergiotis family hit the streets and skated along, filming the skate sesh. Check it out below.

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Photo cred - cndwlf_66

Montreal has basically been a slip 'n slide the past couple of days, as the weekend's ice storm transformed sidewalks into pathways of slippery doom. ER visits have quadrupled in some hospitals (like the MUHC) due to icy accidents, and Montreal's mayor, Denis Coderre, has promised safe and walk-able sidewalks are a priority, reports CBC.

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For a while there, all of us we're thinking "oh, we got lucky this winter, I think it's gonna be a mild one." Then, bam, yesterday happened, better known as the Montreal Ice Storm of 2015, and we all remembered how winter gets turnt up in January and makes life awful 'til March. The only silver lining is that at least the rest of winter won't be like yesterday (we hope) and we have the visual evidence to prove it.

Sheet after sheet of ice was plastered all over Montreal throughout the course of the storm, and we're still reeling from the slippery effects (raise your hand if you fell on the sidewalk) today. Even though the whole icey maelstrom was awful, and left many of us without power, there is some beauty to be found in the whole situation, because ice may be slippery, but it sure is pretty.

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Photo cred - @steveglwalsh

Walking around Montreal the last 24 hours has been nothing short of a challenge. Sheets of ice cover nearly every sidewalk and roadway, making each step a potential downfall onto the harsh ground.

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You may think last month's ice storm was bad, but that 'lil whirlwind of icy snow was nothing compared to the maelstrom of winter winds that was the 1998 North American Ice Storm. Remembered as The Great Ice Storm of '98, for good reason, the icy tempest was a combination of smaller storms that formed into one giant beast of epic proportions. Ravaging parts of Ontario and Quebec, the storm caused major damage to trees, power supplies, and even people, with 35 fatalities. Not so fun fact: the ice storm forced the deployment of over 16, 000 Canadian forces personnel, the largest since the Korean War.

No city in the storm's path was sparred, with Montreal receiving a huge wintery blast of damage. If you were in the city during the ice storm of '98, than you remember how intense it was. If you weren't, consider yourself lucky. Either way, remember all the damage done to nature and the city in our collection of photos documenting the aftermath of the Great Ice Storm of '98 in Montreal.

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