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igloofest 2014

Photo Credit: Sylvain Granier

We can't believe it's already over, last week-end of Igloofest 2014 guys!...and what a great line-up too! You definitely don't wan't to miss out. If ever you can't make it to Igloofest or just want to keep on partying after it. Not to worry, Montreal if full of places to go. Here are a few suggestions to let loose this week-end:

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Cover photo cred - Miguel Legault

It's that time of year again, Montreal's favorite winter festival is back! Igloofest will run from January 16th all the way until February 8th. If you're a true Quebecer, then there's no doubt that you've looked forward to this event since last year. Between giant igloos, to ice sculptures, booze and a massive crowd, the party can get a bit rowdy. There are definitely some unwritten etiquette rules that are set for this sort of festival. But it's okay, if you mess up the first time and puke in the crowd, get busted for drugs or simply get kidnapped by the crowd don't worry, there's always the next weekend.

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