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ikea planning centre

A new mini IKEA in the Montreal area promises all the middle-class-wannabe pleasures of browsing budget-breaking Scandinavian design without the stress of squeezing through bottlenecks created by strollers, lost students and hand-holding couples in the disorienting maze that is the IKEA showroom.

At the newest IKEA Canada store, you can plan your dream rooms and renovations with qualified specialists and place an order for delivery straight to your home. Located on the North Shore in Boisbriand, the new plan and order point allows you to meet one-on-one with IKEA experts to design and order anything you need for your latest home project.

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Home improvement fanatics rejoice! IKEA is opening a new "planning center" in Boisbriand. This means that it'll be possible for residents on the North Shore to buy affordable furniture and fixtures without having to make the schlep out to Saint-Laurent or Boucherville. The new location is due to open in the summer of 2022.

The Boisbriand location isn't going to be your standard furniture depot. It will be aimed at customers who want to plan out larger home improvement projects — think redoing your bathroom or kitchen, rather than just buying a new table or couch.

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