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We've officially found one of the coolest gems near Montreal: this hidden bar on an island in Lake Saint-François.

At Ile Raymond, in the municipality of Sainte-Barbe, you can enjoy a restaurant outing with an incredible view of the water's edge. You'll be able to sip tasty cocktails like an amaretto sour and a bloody caesar, or even just a beer — without forgetting the spot's special shots.

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High above the Gulf of Saint Lawrence on the steep eastern rockface of Quebec's Île Bonaventure sits a seemingly endless sea of birds. A migration stopover for a colony of 116,000 Northern Gannets, the Île Bonaventure Bird Sanctuary is a marvel of nature. Until October 12, 2020, visitors to the island can even approach the sanctuary to take in the impressive views.

Perched atop the cliff, you'll feel like you're one of the birds.

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Osheaga has just announced that First Nations Headdresses will no longer be allowed at the festival. The organizers recognize the cultural and spiritual significance behind headdresses and have said that "they shouldn't be worn as a fashion accessory", and frankly, we agree.

The organizers have also mentioned that the same ban will apply to the Ile Soniq Festival and according to their Facebook page, the fans are enthusiastically supporting this decision. Hopefully this sets a new standard for the appropriation of all religious/cultural symbols and other festivals across Canada will follow suit. No one likes a dress code when it comes to outdoor festivals, but this is a step in the right direction for cultural awareness.

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Are you having a bad day? Well you're definitely having a better day than one particular truck driver.  At 6:30 am the driver was on the Ile Aux Tourtes Bridge on the western tip of the Island of Montreal when his 18-wheeler truck accidentally flipped over the protective railing. The massive truck fell into the water below according to CJAD.

Lucky for him, the driver wasn't killed and didn't suffer any major injuries. Two fishermen who were nearby came to the rescue and pulled the driver out of the trucks cabin.

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