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Ever since the weather started warming up, these yellowish-grey 30 legged creepy crawlers have been popping up more and more frequently in Montreal homes. 

Officially called Scutigera Coleoptrata, chances are you've found at least one of these "house centipedes" hanging around your bathroom sink or shower drain.

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Photo cred - Weheartit

Since 1998, the Jardin Botanique de Montreal organizes a very unique event called Papillons en Liberté and this year will be bigger than ever. The event starts Thursday February 19th and lasts until April 26th.

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Photo cred - Mel Fonseca

Crickets make good eating. Nutritionally high in protein and iron, these tasty critters have a versatile flavour profile depending on what they’re fed and are a largely sustainable, earth-friendly livestock, all things considered. Only problem is, our western sensibilities are largely repulsed by them.

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On Wednesday January 22nd, a Montreal mother found a disgusting surprise while making dinner for her family. Inside her box of Catelli lasagna shells was a cocooned worm.

Catelli Foods Corporation has confirmed the incident occurred.

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I'm not a fan of things that squirm around or near me, certainly not on me--and these finds are only just intensifying my aversion.

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