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The chef craze in Montreal has gotten out of hand. So much so, that many of you actually let your food get cold at restaurants because you HAVE to post the absolute perfect Instagram picture... of food... that you didn't make. Okay guys, let's face it, very few of us are chefs or photographers, so sadly, the pictures we post are probably sub-par smartphone quality, and for no better reason than to show off what your eating to the vast amount of strangers who follow your Instagram account.

Instead of publishing the calories you intake, I suggest following these insanely good Montreal chefs to let them post delicious food pictures for you. This way you can go to bed while scrolling your food filled Instagram feed as you also swipe right -or left-  on Tinder, DM your crush and FB stalk your ex. Yeah, we all do it. No shame.

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The internet has once again proven it has the ability to shit on pretty much anything by voicing its opinion regarding a Montreal woman's hobby. Valentine Thomas decided to move from Montreal to London to pursue her dream of travelling and spearfishing around the world. Equipped with snorkeling equipment and a spear-gun, she hunts down large fish and posts the pictures on her Instagram account.

To be clear, she's not doing anything wrong. Spearfishing is perfectly legal and Valentine only kills what she eats.  Yet according to the Daily Mail, she's being called a "killer" and a "slut." Pretty harsh considering all she's doing is fishing and posting pictures of herself in a bathing suit.

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Cover photo cred – @shuttereyes

Here’s your weekly dose of Instagram greatness Montreal! Every week we’ll be stalking your Instagram pics looking for the greatest pictures of this city! Wanna make the cut? Take a crazy pic and hashtag it with #MTLblog! And the best picture will be featured on the following week’s episode of AnchormanMTL! Check out this week’s best below.

We dug deep into the many wonders of Instagram and filtered through some of the best and worst dressed.

Check out the top 10 fashionistas of Instagram:

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