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international travel

The Canadian government has extended international travel restrictions by at least another month, which means planning your next trip out of the country won't get simpler anytime soon. Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada have confirmed that all existing travel restrictions will stay in place until at least June 30.

That means all travellers entering Canada by land and sea will need to provide their trip details and proof of COVID-19 vaccination on the ArriveCAN app at least 72 hours before arrival. The rule will continue for all regardless of vaccination status.

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On February 15, the Canadian government announced that it will be updating its travel restrictions — and this means flying internationally could become a lot easier. In a press conference held on Tuesday, federal ministers announced that Canada will be ending its non-essential global travel advisory as of February 28.

The government will be adjusting the travel health notice from level three to level two, removing the recommendation that Canadians avoid travelling for non-essential purposes.

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