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is canada a good country to travel to

Canada was an also-ran in recent rankings for the best country in the world, and, alas, it apparently isn't the safest country either. A new ranking published by The Swiftest measured the 50 most (and least) deadly travel destinations of 2022 and Canada's placement makes it clear we've got some work to do.

The ranking compared seven factors of the 50 most visited countries by tourists including homicide deaths, injury life years lost, and natural disasters, to name a few. The separate scores from each factor are then used to calculate a "travel safety index."

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Canada did us proud in a recent ranking of the best countries across the globe, and now the Great White North is proving itself (yet again) as a destination to be reckoned with after securing a top spot in a recent list of the most desirable countries in the world. Wanderlust recently dropped its winners of the 2022 Travel Awards and Canada scored big.

Each year, the Wanderlust Travel Awards rate top destinations across the world based on votes from readers. The magazine called on its audience to recommend places that "captured [their] imagination and ignited [their] wanderlust."

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Canada is often considered one of the best countries in the world for its quality of life and social purpose and has even been rated a top spot for expats. However, in a recent Condé Nast Traveler ranking, the true north strong and free didn’t do as well as you might think.

The esteemed travel magazine released its 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards winners and when it came to the top countries in the world to venture off to, Canada landed in the 40th spot with a score of 85.19/100.

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