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There are a lot of good restaurants in Montreal, featuring a myriad of flavours, cuisines and influences from all over the world. One culture that has quickly picked up steam in the last couple of years is what's known as an Izakaya, otherwise known as a Japanese pub.

Izakayas are all about eating amazing Asian-inspired tapas, drinking delicious Sake, and having a wicked awesome time doing it. We recently went to Kinka Izakaya located on St-Catherine Street right near Concordia University, and boy did they deliver!

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Only a couple of days ago, a new Japanese restaurant opened in the Faubourg downtown. Called Kinka Izakaya, the new eatery is the first Montreal branch of Kinka Family Inc, who are famed in Toronto for their series of Japanese restaurants, such as Guu Izakaya.

Since Kinka Izakaya's opening, and long before, the Kinka Family has been teasing our bellies with pictures of their menu, which simply looks amazing. We've yet to go try these dishes, but if a picture says a thousand words, the following pics of Kinka Izakaya's dishes just say delicious.

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Photo cred - @guutoronto

Japanese cuisine is much more than just sushi, and a new Montreal restaurant will show you just how delicious Japanese food can get without a sea-weed wrapping. Set to open on November 8th, according to Eater, Kinka Izakaya will be the new hot spot for Japanese eats in downtown Montreal.

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Photo Cred - Michael Fletcher

Many people only think of ramen as a quick meal for broke students. But contrary to popular belief, the dish can easily be classed up and turned into one of the best meals that Japanese cuisine has to offer. There are lots of different ways to serve ramen, and we love all of them. Here are the best ramen places in Montreal.

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