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j dilla

Photo cred - PartyWithSylvain 

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, spring is in the air, and this weekend is stacked with events for us to finally come out of hibernation and celebrate! The MTL Blog Events crew thinks these parties are a perfect way to get out of that winter funk and let lose. With almost every music genre under the sun on deck this weekend, it seems like our spring fever may turn into an actual fever on Monday if we don't sleep inbetween all the partying!

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Photo Cred - Benoit Vermette

Montreal is well-known to be a music platform in North America. MTL Blog Events compiled the best 30 shows in February 2015 around the city! Promoters, venues and entertainment companies such as Evenko prepared amazing performances for the public in the next 28 days. From Le Belmont, New City Gas, Apt.200, SAT and Bell Center, the city has much to offer.

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Photo cred - Karine LaRocque

If you like hip hop then you will love Detroit legend, J Dilla! After you learn about him you will join the die hard worldwide fan base saying; "J Dilla Changed My Life" and you will be eager to be part of the celebration and tribute Montreal Loves Dilla! Presented by De La Rap & J Dilla Foundation the event will be taking place on February 7th 2015 at Inspecteur Épingle. Local DJ's; DJ Ephiks, Toast Dawg, Dr.Mad, DJ Manzo & Sev Dee will be playing Dilla sounds all night long. The party will be hosted by J Dilla's younger brother Illa J, who happens to be based in Montreal.

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Photo Cred - Sylvain Granier

Alright Montreal, we have a beach, the just for laughs are on right now and a bunch of cool parties all around the city. You don't want to stay home and do nothing and we gathered up all the cool parties and events to go to this week-end. Come out and party with us. Here is where to go;

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