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Photo Cred - Sylvain Granier

Alright Montreal, we have a beach, the just for laughs are on right now and a bunch of cool parties all around the city. You don't want to stay home and do nothing and we gathered up all the cool parties and events to go to this week-end. Come out and party with us. Here is where to go;

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Photo cred - Jackalope Fest

Montreal's Olympic Stadium Park is going to transform into a haven for all extreme sports enthusiasts when Jackalope 2014 kicks off this Friday. A huge number of events, competitions, parties, food, and swag will a part of the Jackalope Festival, making it an event for anyone looking to do something exciting this weekend.

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Quebec's first parkour competition is happening in Montreal this summer, so get your running/climbing/back-flipping shoes ready. As part of the Jackalope action sports festival, the parkour-off will be held on July 19th & 20th at the Olympic Stadium. Hundreds in cash and the bragging rights to call yourself the city's greatest urban ninja will be awarded to the winners.

Two separate competitions will be held to determine the truly pro traceurs (parkour practitioners, according to urban dictionary) both with cash prizes:

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The cool cats over at put together a really wicked awesome recap video of this years Jackalope which went down on July 19th and 20th at the Montreal Olympic parc. Motorcross, skateboard and fixi bike competition ran through out the weekend with an ambitious youthful crowd watching and cheering on the athletes. Check out the video below to view the action!

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