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The story of Montreal's mysterious pink house continues! The structure atop the old Canada Malting Silos building in the neighbourhood of Saint-Henri has once again been decked out for the holidays, and this year the daredevil trespassers went all out.

In addition to a Christmas tree, a photo shared with MTL Blog by one Gabriel Jacob appears to show decorations in one of the cabin's windows along with a huge gift on the roof of an adjacent shed.

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It's about that time of year when a lot of people start getting that itch to "escape". Unfortunately, we're not all actually financially stable enough to just take off when we feel like it, but we can still at least dream, because that's free! That said, professional photographer @jacob on Instagram has quite a dreamy collection of photos taken over the last several years of his adventures around the world, everywhere from major cities to hidden locations. On blizzardy December day such as today, why not absorb the eye candy below below and start planning your great escape to one of these amazing destinations, or heck all 21! Enjoy!

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