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Sunwing is starting the month off right with its "March Madness" sale offering deals from Montreal to a number of stunning destinations in Mexico, Central America, and across the Caribbean.

Sunwing is currently offering an array of deals when you book by March 13, 2022, and the best part of it all? You can enjoy your vacation now and pay later.

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It's that time of year again, summer's officially over. Most of us may be in denial of this but it's actually a reality. Our work has started to get busy and stressful, school has begun and midterms are upon us, and our life responsibilities are no longer avoidable. As depressing as that all sounds it doesn't mean we have to let this time of year get us down.

The best way to keep your mind off of all the stress building up in our lives is to plan our next vacation! Christmas is quite a distance away, but before we know it, it's going to be here and why not start planning your beach getaway now? Here's a list of the cheapest beach destination that you should definitely consider for your upcoming X-Mas holidays!

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If you haven't noticed already, finding new places to travel is a passion of mine. I'm always scouring Instagram for pictures of gorgeous places I can fantasize about traveling to. What makes it even better is finding cheap places to travel to. This makes those fantasies that much closer to coming true.

I recently stumbled upon an article about the world's best islands and they were honestly breathtaking! Of course, they weren't cheap though. So I decided to do some research on the cheapest islands and it turns out the Caribbean has a whole lot of cheap and gorgeous islands. Take a look below and try to tell me this doesn't ignite your wanderlust!

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Photo cred - jasonlam

Caribbean cuisine is fantastic and reminds us of sunshine and good times, but while you might automatically think of flavorful curries, mouthwatering jerk chicken and comforting goat rotis, don't forget about the humble Jamaican patty. So often overlooked, and imo, severely underrated, Jamaican patties are the perfect handheld snack,  and if you've only ever had one from your grocery's frozen isle, it's time to go to the source. Well, at least here in Montreal.

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