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I don't know about you, but I am ALWAYS looking for a good Carribean restaurant in Montreal that gives me those vacation vibes. Luckily for us, Montreal is opening an ALL-NEW Carribean themed restaurant that is legit going to be SO popular.

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This Saturday, July 8th, you'll be able to enjoy a day of Jamaican culture at Park Jean Drapeau from Noon until 10pm.

You'll be able to enjoy traditional cuisine, arts and crafts, as well as its dance and ever-popular music. It's one of the the main events of Loto Quebec's Week-Ends du Monde that spans over two weekends.

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If there's one thing you need to know about Caribbean cuisine is that once you have it, you're hooked for life. 

Seasoned Dreams started out as a catering company where they created their famous Jerk Chicken Poutine, but today is the grand opening of the Seasoned Dreams Restaurant. They specialize in Caribbean fusion and they can cater any occasion from weddings to small luncheons and they are guaranteed to be featured in our next installment of the Best Jerk Chicken In Montreal.

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Photo cred - streetcuisine

What's better than a chicken sandwich? A fried chicken sandwich of course. But chicken gets all the cool options and beef is just stuck being beef. Well not anymore, have you ever thought of swapping that boring old beef for some deliciously spiced beef wrapped in a crispy, flaky pastry.

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We all had more than enough lolz at the new Rob Ford video that surfaced last night, but the question on everyone's mind is: what nasty ass fast food joint does Rob Ford go to when he's in a drunken stupor?

We got you're answer. Sticking to his Etobicoke roots, Rob Ford hit up 'Steak Queen' to drunkenly ramble in a Jamaican accent. Can't say I'm surprised. A man as big as Ford must love to get his arteries clogged on the regs, and a place called Steak Queen sounds like the place to do it.

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