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japanese food

Fans of dogs, anime, manga, Japanese food and all things kawaii rejoice! Montreal's Japan Week will be back for a third edition from May 8 to 14. This year again, you can expect tons of food, shopping opportunities, art and activities during the week-long celebration of local Japanese culture and businesses organized by the team behind the street food festival YATAI MTL and RAMEN RAMEN.

"Japan Week highlights the best your city has to offer in connection with Japan in order to celebrate and discover the richness of this fascinating country," organizers wrote in a press release.

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The pungent smell of Myanmar coffee and koji will fill downtown when the first-ever Marché MajesThé Market arrives in Montreal on May 1.

With the goal of promoting Montreal Asian entrepreneurship, the event will feature the fine foods and products from a dozen local artisans and food businesses, including Ri Yuè Célébration, Golden Triangle Coffee, Pâtisserie T.M., Atelier Fleuriste, and others.

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Guys, there is legit nothing tastier on this earth than sashimi. It's fresh, it's tasty, it's visually pleasing, and honestly, it's straight-up delicious!

Montreal has tons of spots to get some awesome sashimi, but no spot makes their sashimi quite like one izakaya on Saint-Laurent Street.

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There are a lot of good restaurants in Montreal, featuring a myriad of flavours, cuisines and influences from all over the world. One culture that has quickly picked up steam in the last couple of years is what's known as an Izakaya, otherwise known as a Japanese pub.

Izakayas are all about eating amazing Asian-inspired tapas, drinking delicious Sake, and having a wicked awesome time doing it. We recently went to Kinka Izakaya located on St-Catherine Street right near Concordia University, and boy did they deliver!

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Montreal’s Chinatown has been booming these days with an influx of killer bars and refined dining that is leaving the old plastic tablecloth noodle joints in their dust. Even though it’s only the third largest Chinatown in Canada, it’s been expanding rapidly both from the original location and in the new Chinatown West area emerging beside Concordia.

There’s so much awesome stuff on the radar, that you can fill your whole summer with just Chinatown outings. And so we decided to put together a list of the best places you absolutely need to check out in Montreal's Chinatowns.

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Only a couple of days ago, a new Japanese restaurant opened in the Faubourg downtown. Called Kinka Izakaya, the new eatery is the first Montreal branch of Kinka Family Inc, who are famed in Toronto for their series of Japanese restaurants, such as Guu Izakaya.

Since Kinka Izakaya's opening, and long before, the Kinka Family has been teasing our bellies with pictures of their menu, which simply looks amazing. We've yet to go try these dishes, but if a picture says a thousand words, the following pics of Kinka Izakaya's dishes just say delicious.

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