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japanese restaurant

I'm sure we've all heard of the classic Korean BBQ restaurants that our city is full of. We've come to know and love this type of cuisine because not only is it delicious it's also super fun to cook your own food at the table! 

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The new up-and-coming type of food in Montreal right now is Japanese food. There's tons of new Japanese restaurants popping up in the city and they're all KILLING it. 

The best thing about Japanese restaurants is how creative and unique each one is. You may think sushi is a such a simple dish, but there's soooo much you can do with it and Montreal's chefs are really stepping up to make some seriously awesome new things. 

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Guys, there is legit nothing tastier on this earth than sashimi. It's fresh, it's tasty, it's visually pleasing, and honestly, it's straight-up delicious!

Montreal has tons of spots to get some awesome sashimi, but no spot makes their sashimi quite like one izakaya on Saint-Laurent Street.

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Photo cred - @guutoronto

Japanese cuisine is much more than just sushi, and a new Montreal restaurant will show you just how delicious Japanese food can get without a sea-weed wrapping. Set to open on November 8th, according to Eater, Kinka Izakaya will be the new hot spot for Japanese eats in downtown Montreal.

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