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jay baruchel

Sneaking into someone's home when they're peacefully sleeping is not okay and incredibly creepy, unless you're Santa Clause, and even then, it's still weird. Not even Jay Baruchel can pull it off, though he nearly does when creeping into Carey Price's room to watch him sleep.

Playing a stalker-level Habs fan (himself?), Baruchel, in the video below, breaks into Price's bedroom to watch him sleep. Like you'd expect, when Price wakes up to see Baruchel gazing down at him, things get hilariously awkward.

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Listen up y'all, a few big motion pictures are set to film in Montreal this summer and that means plenty of celeb sightings! Some are already in production, so when you're downtown (especially in the Old Port) be alert and have your cell ready for potential selfies with the stars.

We've already walked in on a cast catering for the film Stonewall... yes that was quite embarrassing. Initially, we thought it was open auditions for extras, but as it turns out, the cast was already chosen and they were eating what was suppose to be my food.

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Montreal is a movie town. Tons of projects are filmed here, most of which we barely even notice.

To get you in the know for the upcoming year, here are 10 movies set to be filmed, or already are filming, in Montreal.

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Almost exactly one year ago, Provocateur Communications, a Montreal-based communications firm, launched an online initiative to quell the ongoing language-related tension in Quebec and Montreal. The project, titled "Ici on commence avec amour" was in direct response to the Quebec government's ""Ici, on commerce en français" campaign. A very special Montreal celeb (among others) was the spokesperson for the project: the one and only Jay Baruchel.

One year later, language laws and the bilingual debate is still a prevalent issue in Montreal, and the province at-large. In hopes of putting some perspective on the issue, and to remind everyone we can all get along, no matter what language we happened to have learned at home, or what the provincial government may prefer, we're reposting the campaign.

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NDG’s Jay Baruchel (This Is The End, Tropic Thunder) held a mini press conference today at the Mainline Theater in the Plateau to discuss his upcoming foray into the comedy world via his first ever Just For Laughs Gala!

Baruchel admitted that being a lifelong fan of Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) and Michael Richards (Seinfeld’s Kramer), he’s been channeling his idols’ comedic styles throughout his entire acting career. Now that he’s becoming the fourth Montrealer to host a Just For Laughs Gala, Baruchel says he’s got some surprises in store for his upcoming audience members.

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It’s hard to put into words just how incredible a movie can be without giving too much away. But “This Is The End” is the funniest movie I’ve seen at least since the first Hangover, and maybe even since Anchorman. This movie is THAT funny.

It starts off with Jay Baruchel landing in LA to spend some quality time with his buddy Seth Rogen (Keep in mind, every actor is playing themselves). The duo then head over to an A-list party at James Franco’s place. Everyone from Rihanna to Aziz Ansari make an appearance. Michael Cera is on-screen for less than 5 minutes, but he might just be the best part of this movie.

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