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jay nedd

Why hello again week-end fun, we thought you would never come! Spring has officially begun but still hasn't sprung. Anytime now Spring, anytime... We'll you know what they say: "Good things come to those to wait" which would mean that when it decides to come - it'll be EPIC. We all know that it's worth the wait. So in the mean time guys, put on that coat or that really cool MTL Blog tuque...and head out because there's LOADS to do this weekend! Ain't nobody got time for moping around about the weather. Besides, you should know by now, Montreal knows how to keep things heated up even in the coldest nights. As usual, we got you covered on where it's happening:

Thursday, March 27th

RAC's Strangers tour at the Corona Theatre  The american music group RAC (Remix Artist Collective) create re-interpretative electro/funk/rock/dance/indie remixes of a diversity of popular songs. They don't just play the songs...they perform them as a live band! This is something you DEFINITELY a show don't want to miss. They just released their first album called Strangers and are about to BLOW UP. (It's a really decent price too) View event>

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Thursdays party of choice

After IglooFest blows up the old port yet again, we at MTLBlog have found your Thursday night hot spot. Bar Passeport is where the party will be popping. With most of Montreal’s party scene looking for a place to rage after a chilly night of IglooFest, the drinks and atmosphere are sure to warm the heart and soul.

HOMEGROWN : David Asko (FR) + Adam S. + Alessandroid + Bunzinelli

Be sure to bring your IglooFest ticket or pass for 2$ entry. Spend the extra four bucks on booze!

Deals on Drinks

  • Shooters : 2 for 6$
  • Boreale bouteille / bottle : $4.50
  • Bière locale / Local beer : $5.25
  • Drinks : 5.75$ or 7$
  • Pinte / Pint : $5
  • Bottle service : $135 (40 oz. : Jack Daniel's, Rhum & Vodka)

The Line-up

  • Bunzinelli
  • Adam S.
  • Alessandroid
  • David Asko (below)

Other parties Kicking off Thursday

Friday Festivities

The Belmont is where it’s at Friday night with a low key chill in the air. They are slowing down the rush and rave of IglooFest with some truly talented up and coming ambient electronic gurus. The party also offers some clever glitch-hop and acid crunk.


Performers include:

  • Def Child
  • Construct
  • Dead Horse Beats

Other Parties for Friday the 25th

Saturdays selection

Be sure to stop by The Belmont when you’re looking for some heat after IglooFest on Saturday. Along with the wonderful venue and selection of beverages this place has to offer, they have collaborated with a number of DJ’s to provide a night to remember, filled with fun and pleasure.


The performers controlling the vibes include:

  • Charles Cozy
  • Kaytranada
  • Phil Sparks
  • Sango

More Events for Saturday the 26th