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Jaywalking is a way of life in Montreal. The only people who don't jaywalk are tourists, as you can pretty much pinpoint who doesn't live in the city simply by seeing if they actually follow the traffic lights at crosswalks.

Seriously, just ask yourself this simple question: when there are no cars in sight, and you need to cross the street, wouldn't you just go, without even thinking about the crosswalk or street light?

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Photo Cred - StephaneMTL

While the stereotype of Montrealers being cold and rude might be a bit exaggerated, there are a few things that you certainly can do to guarantee they’ll be annoyed with you.

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Photo cred - Rob En Route Let's face it, Montreal is a city full of jaywalkers. Other cities in Canada may frown upon disobeying traffic lights and ignoring crosswalks, but in Montreal everyone does it and everyone accepts it. You can pretty much tell the tourists apart from the residents just by seeing if whether or not they actually stop walking at an empty intersection with a red light. Jaywalking is an artform, however, and even the most experienced of jaywalkers still make some pretty glaring mistakes which could have disastrous results. So you know how to own the road on two legs, we've compiled 10 Montreal jaywalking guidelines. Read on and learn the ways if the jay.

Click here for 10 Montreal Jaywalking Guidelines >

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Look both ways before you cross the street. That was one of the first lessons my parents taught me when I was old enough to walk. If the coast is clear, then you’re good to go. If there are cars coming, you wait for them to pass. It doesn’t take any superior judgment to figure this one out. It’s very simple.

Apparently, the Montreal police don't seem to think we're up to the task. If you're caught jaywalking in our fair city, you will be slapped with a $37 fine.

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